blues art studio/ Austria
by Brian Harman

For over twenty five years Tim has been playing music in one form or another, whether it was with his good friend George Frayne (Commander Cody) or opening for artists such as; Sonny Landreth and Donna Godcheaux (The Grateful Dead). Although, now he resides in Irwin, Pennsylvania; At the age of eighteen Tim moved with his family to Macon, Georgia, not long after settling there he gained a job as a club promoter which enabled him to meet a wide variety of musicians and singers and during his time in Macon and his subsequent further travels into the south he gained a greater understanding of the music and the people that played it. In June two thousand and five he was fortunate enough to meet David ”Honeyboy” Edwards; Homesick James, Sam Lay and Pine top Perkins and after spending a musical evening with these living legends a friendship was born and Tim was inspired enough to seek out the right locations, the right time and most importantly the right players to create a lasting tribute to all those great players that have gone before him. Between the years two thousand and two and two thousand and nine Tim played in the Mountain Jam Band but, after the break up of the band due to the unfortunate death of a band member Tim became able to follow his dream. So, after six months of travelling on the road; recording in Atlanta, Chicago, Clarksdale and Savannah. Tim; vocals and guitar, has with David “Honeyboy” Edwards; vocals and guitar, Allen Batts and Aaron Moore; piano, Joe Craven; violin, Michael Frank; harmonica, Big Jack Johnson; Eric Noden; John Primer and Bobby Lee Rodgers; guitars, Bob Stroger; Terry “Big-T” Williams and Shannon Hoover; bass, Ike Stubblefield; Hammond B3, Jeff Sipe; Kenny ”Beedy Eyes” Smith and Lee Williams; drums, Created together with these fine musicians a stunningly crisp and fresh collection of old classics, such as the grippingly fast moving footapper “Spoonful” and the slowburning, almost remorseful “Bad Whiskey and Cocaine,” to irresistibly grooving instrumentals as “Howlin Wind Blues” and “Clarksdale boogie.” In fact all twelve of these classic and not so classic numbers have been revitalised and re-invigorated by Tim; not for a new hip audience but because they deserve a ‘dusting off ‘ and with a fresh approach we can again enjoy them for the fine, fine songs they in fact are. Recorded by, artists that have an appreciation and understanding of the music’s longevity. Thoroughly enjoyable! Brian Harman.