western pa blues society newsletter
by Jimmy Adler

Make no mistake about it; this is a blues record! Tim Woods went on a personal journey and discovered the deep satisfaction of meeting and recording with some of America’s best living purveyors of the genre. He writes in the liner notes that, “When I began this project, I had no idea what I would end up with….” What Woods has captured is a blues record that is not about recreating or writing original songs so much as it is all about reinterpreting some of the classics, with a heavy emphasis on the songwriting of Willie Dixon, particularly those recorded by Howlin’ Wolf. Where Woods scores big, is on his interpretation of these classics as he breathes new life into the compositions and includes a variety of respected pros such as Honeyboy Edwards, John Primer, Bob Stroger, and Big Jack Johnson, to name a few. Michael Frank’s Earwig label can be satisfied and proud in that Woods took the time, and had the foresight to seek out these artists and create these inspiring interpretations of fresh new versions of the songs. The guitar playing is clean and crisp throughout. The songs include full ensembles as well as the acoustic gems of the Honeyboy Edwards driven tracks, of which there are three. These alone are worth the price of admission as Woods trades guitar and vocals with Honeyboy in a sympathetic and respectful manner backed by the accompaniment of Franks and Eric Noden on the Mississippi saxophone. Woods brings a fresh read to these timeless songs that any blues lover would relish. After a successful CD Release show at Memphis’ Rum Boogie Cafe, Woods is back in Irwin, PA where you can find him at timwoodsmusic.com. ~ Jimmy Adler