Blues underground network/ Canada
by John Vermilyea

Simply The Blues, Done Simply, was perhaps all it was meant to be and with Tim Woods release, "The Blues Sessions", we now understand, more than ever, just what that means and what that sounds like. When you try to be to fancy to make a point, that is when you may of just missed the point. Tim Woods, I believe, has always known that and has worked long and hard over his now 25+ years blues journey to offer more authenticity to his sound, then theatrics. One of the ways Woods' achieves this authenticity is simply by the way he plays his guitar and that is by way of also picking with his thumb which of course, like the greats of the past, allows one to play both lead and rhythm. You might say that "The Blues Sessions" was an Album 25 years in the making and you may just be right, especially considering that this is, after all, Woods' Debut Release and what a release it is, considering many of today's Blues Legends were more than willing to be guest artists. In fact their were at least 16 Artists more than willing to join Woods' on his amazing 6 month journey thru Clarksdale, Atlanta, and Chicago and all accomplished via recording the Album in no less than 4 studios, along the way. Artists such as David 'Honeyboy' Edwards, Jack Johnson, John Primer, and Kenny ‘Beedy Eyes’ Smith to name just a few, make the odyssey that is "The Blues Sessions", as special and unique as any Blues Artists could ask for. "The Blues Sessions" consists of 12 Tracks and offers us a Dream Team Mix Of The Blues, with 11 Covers that stick pretty close to their Original Sound and 1 Original at the end, called, “World Comes Tumblin’ Down", closing out the Album in fine Tim Woods style. "The Blues Sessions" is a Album that defines a moment when the blues was the blues and it also defines an artist, namely Tim Woods, whom not only understands the true blues, but he is also one whom is more than able to relay that magic to all of us. This Album shows us the uniqueness of an Artist whom is willing to wait for something really special before making a commitment to share it with his audience, and in doing so has created, I think, a little bit of a very enduring blues masterpiece. "The Blues Sessions" gets my 5***** Rating with absolutely no problem at all... This is an exceptional Album and a must have for any lover of Simply The Blues, Done Simply. Review By John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)