Jazz Quad/Russia
by Leonid Auskern

The debut album by American guitarist and singer Tim Woods could be called the research work of musicologist - folklorist, if he had not taken an active part in the recordings made by him in different parts of the U.S. Midwest and South. And the name of his project, he gave as a real scientist - the humble and completely accurate: "Blues session. In Chicago, Atlanta, Savannah and Clarksdale, Miss., Tim played the Chicago blues, boogie, blues of the Delta with the veterans living in the blues for thirty, forty or more years. The most colorful figure of his partners was undoubtedly Honeybee David Edwards, who made his first record in the far 1942 (!) Year. Repertoire Records - classics of the genre: songs of Willie Dixon, the same Haniboya, including his famous blues hit Bad Whiskey & Cocaine, as well as other veterans, Big Jack Johnson of Clarksdale with his signature Clarksdale Boogie. Only the final track, Tim put his own track World Comes Tumblin 'Down, perfectly blended into the program. Not surprisingly, since Tim Woods and myself playing the blues for 25 years. In the records of The Blues Sessions, he demonstrated his unusual technique of playing the guitar with his thumb, allowing him to simultaneously lead and solos, and rhythm. But particularly I would point out his vocals, just perfect for the blues. Place the microphone and the party solo guitar Woods conceded only three tracks - but not to anyone but himself Honeybee, solo in her own songs. In Bad Whiskey & Cocaine can be detected among musicians and a permanent manager Haniboya, but at the same time Earwig Records boss Michael Frank. Together with Frank Woods and produced this interesting project. I can not fail to note that in the booklet to the album, Tim took most of the space is to his colleagues at the sessions, thereby veterans, each of which he found warm and sincere words of respect. Very nice in all respects the draft - and really blues! Leonid AUSKERN