Hey Now!

Hi Everyone! Its been a while since i have posted. I am having the time of my life very happy. I’ve been lately been playing music with my 2 sons Derek and Ryan we are called  The Woods Family Band you can find us on Facebook or find scheduled shows on this site . We have done some rockin shows this past year the band is cookin! some shows we  have featured good friend Saxaphonist Erik Lawrence from The Levon Helm Band ( The Band) always a pleasure to have him aboard . Also we have been doing 3 piece acoustic shows billed as The Woods Family Trio these have been nice intimate settings . The Tim Woods Band is still out there playing shows and tearing it up . Come on out and see us! and Thank you to all the folks that are coming out to our shows and joining in our celebration of life and Music and good vibes we love you! We are planning many big suprises in the future!  so keep checking back!  Peace   TW